Mind Mingle Inspirational Festival
Mind Mingle Inspirational Festival

After organizing 16 Sharing & Learning event, 2 successful mega events of Mind Mingle- Ed Talks and The Inspiration festival at IIM Ahmedabad for school leaders, Mind Mingle has gone one notch up by redesigning, restructuring and reinventing the program for School stakeholders (School leaders, teachers, parents & students) by adding some more inspiring flavors.

"Don't underestimate the power of teenagers"

Mind Mingle Inspirational Festival is the mega event where right before the summer break we pour buckets of inspiration into your mind, body and soul. Consider this to be an invitation to an event that will help enhance and empower your ability to further excel at what you do.
For the first time Mind Mingle is bringing the most successful teenagers as speakers who will share their inspiring journey with the participants. The Mind Mingle Inspiration Festival is being held on 30th April 2017 (Sunday) at Sirifort Auditorium,Delhi. Amazing young guest speakers, thinkers, creators and abstract minds are all gathering together for this one day event of a complete mind boost to the talent in you.

List of Speakers at The Inspiration Festival:

  • Truptraj Pandya: 9 year old World's Youngest Tabla Player (Guinness book of world record)
  • Babar Ali: World's youngest headmaster announced by BBC at the age of 16
  • Ishita Katyal: India's youngest Author at the age of 8 and World's youngest TED Speaker
  • Shravan & Snajay Bhardwaj: India's youngest CEO's- Running at million dollar company at the age of 12.
  • Yuvraj & Yashraj Bhardwaj: Twin brothers, researchers, idea-tors, robotistic, technologist, inventor and a full stack developer.
  • Subham Jaglan : Milkman's son Junior world golf champion from a village of Haryana
  • Kishan Shrikanth: Worlds youngest professional film maker
  • Parzaan Dastur : One of the India's youngest actor
  • Tenith Adithyaa: A teenager scientist, researcher, serial innovator,software developer, motivational speaker, science compaigner and a teacher at the age of 17.
  • Aaryan Mishra: Young Astronaut

and many more........

Our Premium Tickets are all set at simple pricing structure at a subsidized rate of Rs.600 for students & Rs.800 for Adults. There are no bulk discounts. There are no free passes. There is complete transparency whereby everyone attending (including our office staff), must pay the same price for the ticket.

Your support has always inspired us to do more. And this time too we are counting on your support to buy as many tickets as you can for yourself, your students, parents and teachers. Bring all your those teachers along whom you feel have the potential to excel in taking your school to another level of student empowerment.

We look forward to giving you a warm welcome (in person) to the Mind Mingle Inspiration Festival on 30 April 2017

In deep appreciation for your support,

​​Glimpse of Past Event:

FYI: Since we are left with very limited tickets, in case you are interested, please register fast to avoid last minute disappointment.