Spread over two acres and housed in a thoughtfully designed building in Model Town, Delhi, The Srijan School, recognized by the Directorate of Education, aims to achieve a programme that seamlessly combines the time-tested, traditional methods of the gurukul with modern techniques, adjusted to changing times in order to provide a complete learning environment for your child.

'Srijan', which means 'creation', endeavours to partner the overall learning process and development of your child, starting from the early years. Progressive and secular in its philosophy, The Srijan School, follows a child-oriented approach, looking upon each child as an individual and providing an educational programme which stresses the importance of the total development of the child – head, heart and hand.


The school programme endeavours to:

  • Create a stable, trusting atmosphere because children thrive in supportive and secure environment
  • Give equal attention to building your child’s self-esteem and skill development through creative processes and a positive approach.
  • Help the child recognize his/her strengths and build upon them to create life-long habits and assets.
  • Help students develop a questioning and analytical mind
  • Encourage sports and co-curricular activities because they are essential for nurturing confidence, a holistic personality and inner strengths
  • Help develop the intellectual, social, emotional, physical and aesthetic growth of students
  • Prepare students for active, independent learning in an environment which fosters a spirit of enquiry and cooperation.