Home Room Teachers don various roles ranging from the friend, philosopher and guide

We at Srijan aim to create an atmosphere of trust between the learners and their teachers that allows the former to leave aside their inhibitions, understand themselves better, realise their potential and develop a strong sense of self. Based on this vision, our Home Room periods form a distinctive feature of our school through which our learners acquire various life skills and learn to navigate life by learning to build healthy relationships, have stronger decision making ability, think both creatively and critically, and most importantly be able to convey their feelings and opinions effectively.

The learners look forward to the Home Room period each day, where their Home Room Teachers don various roles ranging from the friend, philosopher and guide.


The four walls of the classroom become sacred space for doubts to be cleared, pressing issues to be resolved, new relationships to be built, identities to be formed and an atmosphere of love and trust to be created.

With engaging activities like Circle Time, Buddy System, Brain Storming Sessions, DEAR (drop Everything and Read), the homeroom periods of the Srijan School are moments when life skills are learnt and practised.

An integral part of the Home Room periods is the Circle Time. During this time, everyone sits in a circle; shares, listens and accepts new ideas and feelings. It allows the involvement of all learners and gives them a safe space to express themselves. It also builds their speaking and listening skills, while providing many opportunities to build on class cohesiveness.