Vision and Philosophy

To develop self-inspired creative thinkers who become disciplined and caring citizens.

With this vision, The Srijan School, recognized by the Directorate of Education, aims to achieve a programme that seamlessly combines time-tested, traditional methods of the gurukul with modern techniques, adjusted to changing times.

‘Srijan’, which means ‘creation’, endeavours to partner the overall learning process and development of your child, starting from the early years. Progressive and secular in its philosophy, The Srijan School, follows a child-oriented approach, looking upon each child as an individual and providing an educational programme which stresses the importance of the total development of the child – head, heart and hand.

We believe that each child entrusted to us will receive education in its finest form. Learning is a lifelong process, and all students and teachers are challenged to exceed their own expectations. This is a holistic experience that synergises the growth of mind, body and spirit. We nurture and prepare generations of individuals, the torchbearers of tomorrow who believe in the strength of their own convictions.