Our middle school curriculum establishes a robust academic groundwork, offering a nurturing space for students transitioning from childhood to adolescence

At this stage, we aim to adopt the challenging, yet rewarding task of fostering creativity, curiosity and confidence in a learner. The middle school curriculum lays a strong academic foundation and provides a sensitive, nurturing environment in which students feel comfortable as they experience the challenges of the transitional years from childhood to early adolescence. They are encouraged to deal with the new emotional complexities, break boundaries and develop strong decision making skills, while preparing for high academic standards.

Scholastic challenges posed in the form of assignments, subject enrichment activities and multiple assessments help learners develop abstract thinking and logical reasoning in five core subjects: English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science and Social Science.

In addition, they are introduced to a third language, which could be Sanskrit or Spanish. Strategies to help students learn how to learn as well as enable them to handle information are an important part of skills development.

A plethora of co-scholastic activities are conducted through regular classes of fine arts and performing arts, clubs and houses, thereby providing them the opportunity to collaborate and create.