The Srijan School building

The school is spread over two acres and housed in a thoughtfully designed building. The building is centrally divided into two sections, the Junior School and the Senior School. All classrooms and activity rooms are fully air-conditioned.

To encourage ‘learning by doing’, the school has housed large laboratories, particularly a Chemistry lab, Biology lab, Physics lab, a special SAC lab (Science Activity Centre) for the middle school, a Mathematics lab, a Language lab, and two computer labs one each for the senior and junior school.

A range of spaces have also been very attentively and considerately designed to give the students a place for expressing and exhibiting their creative self. A peep into our large art room, theatre room, dance room and music room will show you how artistically students find ways to communicate with themselves and the world around them.

With a strong belief that a healthy mind dwells in a healthy body, the school offers a wide variety of sports such as cricket, basketball, football, lawn tennis, table tennis, volleyball, skating, and karate. To cater to the varying sports interests of our students, the campus encompasses a huge ground which includes cricket nets, basketball court, football ground, tennis court, volleyball court and skating rink. The ground even includes a turf to facilitate a smooth and safe play. Also, the school building has a designated Yoga room which consists of forty mats and charts displaying correct yoga asanas to teach the young minds not only a tried and tested ancient way of ensuring physical fitness, but also a method that develops mental strength and emotional stability.

Playing Areas

area for swingsFor students of the pre-primary and primary sections, there is also a lawn and an area for swings. These spaces give our young ones, a break from the classrooms, and an indulgence in free play.

The campus even has a splash pool with many fun toys in it. Each week, the little ones look forward to their splash pool period.


“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

Junior School LibraryWith this thought, the school campus includes two libraries. Aesthetically designed spaces, our junior library consists of more than 13,000 books, while the senior library consists of more than 7000 books, apart from access to a plethora of encyclopedias and journals.

It is a space where children engage with different texts, thus opening themselves to a world of limitless possibilities.

Learning Center and Counselor’s Room

Our school follows an inclusive model of special education. Our children with special needs have a dedicated learning center. It has eight special educators who provide individualized intervention for each child after thoroughly assessing their needs.

dedicated learning centerThe learning center consists of six cubicles, a play area, and a resource room. The furniture too is designed keeping in consideration the special needs of children.

The school also has a separate counselors’ room which gives our students a safe space to discuss issues that are integral to their lives.

Auditorium and Common Room

Our school has a large state-of-the-art fully air-conditioned auditorium where students come together for various inter and intra-school events. The large area with a flexible seating arrangement renders this space to various programmes ranging from life skills sessions, and important school ceremonies to talk shows and much more. A similarly large space popularly known as the Common Room is provided in the building to the students for varied activities.

The air-conditioned auditorium has wooden flooring, stage lights, music system, projector and a sound proof infrastructure. The common room is a large free space to organize varied kinds of activities.


The school building encompasses an infirmary with three beds and all the required medicines and medical equipment to provide first aid and immediate medical attention.

It has two visiting doctors and a full-time nurse.


school busThe school has a fleet of fifteen buses with CCTV cameras. Each bus has a medical box, water facility, GPS system, and fire extinguishers.

Female attendants are available on all routes.


In order to provide a platform to the students to explore their inquisitive nature and develop a scientific temperament, the school encompasses four well-equipped science laboratories.

Chemistry Laboratory

The Chemistry laboratory includes demonstration tables, chemicals of all types, fuming chamber, oven, hot plate, burners, diluted water assembly, water sink and sanitary system. The lab has a proper safety plan with fire extinguishers.


Physics Laboratory

Physics LabThe Physics laboratory includes subjective equipment like a meter bridge, potentiometer, galvanometer, and much more.



Biology Laboratory

Biology LabThe Biology laboratory includes demonstration slabs, permanent slides, microscopes, projector microscopes, models, and charts.

Science Activity Centre

The Science Activity Centre is specially designated for the middle school students and has all the required material for conducting varied experiments to trigger the innate curiosity of the students. Each class looks forward to their SAC Lab period each week.

Mathematics Laboratory

The Mathematics laboratory is well-equipped with activities and equipments like rangometry, abacus, 2D shapes compass, decimal kit, weighing balance, measuring tapes to reduce the abstractness of the subject.

The various activities conducted in the lab allow students to discover and verify the basic mathematical and geometrical concepts through concrete objects and situations.

Language Laboratory

Language LaboratoryThe Language laboratory facilitates the students to learn language skills. They practice sound and word patterns with the aid of various programmes installed in the computers. It effectively enhances their listening, reading, speaking and writing skills in that language.


Computer Laboratories

The school houses two Computer laboratories, a senior computer lab which has 40 computers, and the junior computer lab which contains 39 computers.

Each lab also has a projector to facilitate a smooth teaching-learning process and allow students to remain updated with the latest trends in Information Technology.

Co-curricular Activity Rooms

Art Rooms

art roomThe school has two art rooms, one for the senior school, and one for the junior school. The rooms are well equipped with wide tables and an array of materials for children to indulge in like clay, a potter’s wheel, a wooden base, and umpteen amounts of paper and color.


Theatre Room

Theatre RoomOur theatre room is a physical area with the least resources, but a space where the realization of the inner self is achieved to its utmost potential. The students delve deeper within and arrive at a strong understanding about the dynamics of the world.


Dance Room

Dance RoomOur dance room is a state-of-the-art facility with a wooden floor, wall-length mirrors, and a soundproof Dolby 5.1 surround sound system.



Music Room

Music RoomOur music room has a hard wooden floor and consists of many musical instruments like tabla, bongo, harmonium, congo, dholak, guitar, and sitar.

Sports Facilities

Since sports is an integral part of the school curriculum, the campus encompasses a huge ground which includes cricket nets, basketball court, football ground, tennis court, volleyball court and skating rink.

The school building also has a designated Yoga room which consists of forty mats and charts displaying correct yoga asanas. The students of the pre-primary and primary section also have access to a lawn to indulge in free play. There is also a swings area and a splash pool for them.

There is also a gymnasium where regular exercises conducted for the students allow them to improve their fitness and endurance power.