A seamless shift from the comfort of home to the structured environment of school, facilitating a gradual integration into formal learning

The first chapter of a child’s education begins at the foundation stage laid in the Pre-Primary years. Our system is organized around the idea of a smooth transition from home to school and gradually moving into formal education. It allows a safe and positive nurturing environment where each learner gets the space to progress at a comfortable pace.

Play is said to be a child’s favourite way of learning. Our pedagogical approach strongly supports this idea by providing an enriching and flexible environment which allows the little ones to play, explore, experiment and learn. Participation in creative activities like art, craft, music, dance, theatre, yoga, gymnastics and pottery helps in developing imagination, self-expression and confidence in the beginners.

Incorporating the fun element in literary and numerical skills works well and makes conceptual learning easy and relatable.

Our comprehensive curriculum gives tremendous importance to instilling a robust value system which is best inculcated at this early stage. A spirit of sharing, collaboration and fair play are encouraged through all activities. We hope to develop learners who are responsible not only for themselves, but also take initiative and take charge of the world around them.

Our approach gives lasting benefits to the young ones and lays a secure foundation for their next stage of schooling.