Our education program is carefully designed for a complete learning journey, fostering inclusivity, diverse activities, and creative expression for students

The curriculum and pedagogy for the secondary school fosters a holistic education that emphasizes on academic excellence, skill-building and personal development. At this level, the school follows the CBSE curriculum for the courses of study and strictly adheres to the guidelines issued for the scheme of studies and scheme of examination.

Our curriculum comprises of core subjects that includes Mathematics, Science, Social Science, and Languages (English, Hindi, Sanskrit/Spanish). Committed to providing Inclusive Education and catering to our students with diverse needs, we also offer Painting and Computer Applications to the Children with Special Needs.

Our esteemed faculty members are seasoned, yet sensitive educators, who employ a student-centric approach to teaching. Through a range of pedagogical techniques that include practical experiments, discussions, group activities, and research work, they aim to instill critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making skills in our students. Moreover, we provide ample opportunities for our students to express themselves through the arts such as music, art, dance, and theatre classes. Our students can also participate in a variety of clubs that cater to their diverse interests and skill sets.

Our educational program is meticulously crafted to provide our learners with a comprehensive learning experience. Our inclusive environment, coupled with our diverse range of activities and opportunities for learning, encourages our students to explore their interests and express themselves creatively.