The Srijan School is a learning center that other schools look up to and try to emulate. We welcome learners to our school. More than academic excellence, we are curious to impart a learning experience to our students, one which will let them explore various experiences and develop their faculties for life.

All the students have an opportunity to discuss their interests and are encouraged to develop them enthusiastically. We strongly believe in involving the parents in a child’s development so that the most important triangle of a child’s formative years never loses balance.

We understand parents must be inquisitive about the place they intend to send their children for a major part of their formative years. Hence we have tried to answer a few questions here.

We welcome more questions and suggestions. Please mail them at

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Why study at The Srijan School?

At Srijan stress is laid on all round development of the child. Through various activities we bring out the talent that is latent in each and every child.

Will my child have a balanced education?

Yes, Scholastics and Co-scholastics are well taken care of.

I am interested in admitting my child to your school, when do I apply?

Admission process for nursery classes starts around mid of December each year. However, for exact details and dates please keep in touch with the school website. Admission forms may be obtained from the school office or downloaded from the school website on dates prescribed.

Admission will be granted for classes I-IX only on the basis of performance in admission test for subjects English, Hindi and Maths. However the language comprehensibility of the child may be given preference.

What is the address at which the admission requests are to be posted?

The Principal,
The Srijan School,
4-B, Model Town North,

What age group children do you take in the school?

Nursery: 3+ as on 31st March
K.G.: 4+ as on 31st March
VII: 11+ as on 31st March